LINE-X Spray-On Truck Bedliners.

Q: Do you offer colors?

A: Yes we offer this service and you can have your bedliner color coded to match your truck! Line-X has a product that is available from DuPont called Line-X XTRA. Xtra is a top coat fortified with Kevlar that is applied to the colored Line-X material. We are very excited to offer this service. For more details give us a call.

Q: Do I have to “prep” my truck?

A: Just bring it to us clean and all the accessories removed from the bed. Tie-downs and factory installed rail caps can stay. Remove anything that wasn’t factory installed like toolboxes, plastic bedliners, tonneau covers, metal rail bars, etc. If you’re not sure, just call us and ask.

Q: How long does it take to get a spray-on bedliner?

A: In about two hours.

Q: How long does it take to dry?

A: The spray dries in 2-3 seconds. When you get your truck back, it will be ready for light duty immediately.

Q: When can I use it for heavy duty?

A: It takes about 24 hours to fully cure, anytime after that is fine.

Q: What do you recommend to clean the liner?

A: We recommend “Just Once”, available in the showroom. See our bed-liner accessories page for more details.

Care tips for your new bedliner:

  • Your bedliner is ready for immediate light use, however, we request you wait 24 hours for heavy use. The 24 hours will allow the chemicals to cure fully. Once cured, your bedliner will have a tensile strength of 1800 psi using the ASTM Test Method D-2370 (information based on 1999 Material Safety Data Sheet).
  • Although your bedliner is designed for rugged use, in order to keep it “like new” appearance will require minimal maintenance. Virginia Line-X recommends the following:
  • To clean your bedliner, high pressure washing with soap and water only is best. If you should use the wax rinse provided at most car wash facilities, we recommend not spraying your bedliner as it could cause a cloud, dull finish when dried. If this should happen, use a firm bristle brush to remove the dried wax.
  • When you wax your truck, we suggest you use a liquid wax. We recommend “Express Shine” by Turtle Wax. Paste wax can be very difficult to remove from your bedliner as well as plastic pieces on your truck.
  • To maintain your finish, apply a high gloss polyurethane protectant at least 4 times per year. We recommend “Just Once” or UV2, which we sell at the shop. These products will help reduce fading and will keep your Line-X liner looking “like new”.
  • Avoid dragging or throwing heavy objects with sharp edges. These objects could possibly gouge the bedliner.
  • Rinse off any oil or gas spillage as soon as possible. This will reduce the chance of discoloration.